Colourscape Series


Colourscape Series


Sculptural Crochet


Textile Art by Jill Miglietti

Art making for me is an extension of my connection with the physical world in conjunction with memories, emotions and thoughts. I gather and collect textile ephemera and found objects and record photographically to capture the essence of a place. These elements are brought together to make art which evokes memory, triggers a response; whether to the original subject or another one entirely. I use a variety of techniques and a range of fibre media to produce work that blurs the boundary between two and three dimensions – a space I enjoy exploring.


1 – 24 September 2017

Lamppost Gallery

St James The Less Church Foyer

Cnr Nepean Hwy & Koetong Pde,

Mt Eliza

Gallery Hours

Wednesday – Friday 11am – 3pm

Saturday – Sunday 1 – 4pm

(closed Monday and Tuesday)

An interweaving of emotion and memory, of time and journeys that map a deep, personal connection to place.

There are places, for all of us, where our spirit seems to rest, our hearts to slow and our senses to sharpen. This is a personal, yet universal experience. For me, it is a piece of bush, along a creek, some miles from nowhere. The journey, over time, between our family and this place has been variously happy, sad, frustrating, peaceful, dry, wet and even alarming. Yet it has become part of the fabric of our lives. It has generated a rich array of memories, rituals, and visual familiarity, even its own vocabulary – known only to us in only this place- a kind of secret and implicit code.

There is thought and memory in every stitch and I invite you to get ‘up close and personal’ with these works.

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